To vomit on your neighbor’s shoulder even though better options are available to you.
Dude, there were empty seats to our left, why’d you JT me? Don’t Try to hide your t-shirt, we know you got JT’d!
by CheapSeats February 19, 2010
Just Trollin
Cypress: Female aliens have invaded earth and are kidnapping men with big cocks! Don't worry you are not in danger I'm just messaging to say goodbye.
Cypress: just got caught blow drying my penis... she asked what i was doing... apparently "heating up your dinner" wasnt the right answer
Cypress: JT
Cypress: UMAD?
by youlikepenis January 13, 2012
jiggly tits
Yo i just saw Dan Beerbash walkin down the street. His JT's were comin my way thank god i got out the way
by sierra mistttttttttt;) &angelo September 10, 2011
verb; to JT. To attempt to use your skills as a pimp and/or playa to seduce women into giving up naked pictures and/or appear nude on webcam for you, while keeping your anonymity by using the web moniker "JT".
Reh Dogg: yoo yoo yoo boi i just JT'd that fine motherfucking bitch from down the block.

Martin: niiiiiice, let me get a look at her ass son.
by Mista JAY TEE November 02, 2007
J T is also known as Just Tiny. A guy who has a two inch pincher(small dick).
I was feeling him up and all I felt was his ball sack and then I felt it. I couldn't believe it was so small, and you know I don't date dwarfs, so I dumped that J.T.!
by JasonBeRACINGmeatspin December 01, 2010
An adult male who still doesn't know what he wants out of life.
He is such a JT.
by iR0ck January 07, 2009
(v) The act of being a complete and utter failure almost to the degree of George W. Bush

(v) To never get anything right no matter how hard one tries

(n) A person with a record of failing; one that loses on most occasions; a person that is likely to trip over his or her own two feet
"Come on, do something right for a change and stop JTing"

"I'm trying to let him win but it won't do any good. That JT is going to lose anyway"
by stmc April 09, 2010

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