a kid who gets "with" alot of girls. sometimes known as a playa or a pimp. Usually a scum bag who gets all the girls so keep ur sisters and girl friends close even your moms this kids a dirt bag
This kids a jt dont let your girls near him hes a scumbag
by giants776655 May 20, 2008
Short for jive turkey and describes people who are bullshitters.
I about shot John after he called me a jt, but it turns out he really only called me a cock sucker.
by the real Slim shady November 17, 2013
Just trolling. Similar to just kidding.
Bob: insert stupid comment here
James: WTF?
Bob: jt
by ShadowVegan May 05, 2011
Fucking dumbass
Jt went to school
by GIGGIDY ALL RIGHT! November 30, 2010
one who resembles a hairy ball sack, but is actually a big vagina
Dude 1: did u see J-T walk in?

Dude 2: no, but i smelled him.
by COD4LIFE March 18, 2009
A man who thinks he knows it all. But, of course, all of us around him knows he is full of shit.
"Ben said he knows the world is going to end today"

"Naaah, he is just JTing"
by BetterthanJT March 09, 2012
To vomit on your neighbor’s shoulder even though better options are available to you.
Dude, there were empty seats to our left, why’d you JT me? Don’t Try to hide your t-shirt, we know you got JT’d!
by CheapSeats February 19, 2010

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