Type: Exclamation / Transition
Pronunciation: ja-zaam.

Typically used as a transition in sentence, going from one event to another. The second event is usually not one to be proud of, often characterized by doing something epically stupid.

It can also be used as an exclamation.
Justin: "Yeah, so I downed a couple of galvatrons last night and then JSM!, I was passed out soaking wet on the stairs while covered in leaves"

Eugene: "Yeah, one second I was hitting on this chick from 'Bama and then JSM! I was at the power exchange going spelunking"

Mike: "And then I went all-in and lost my money. JSM!"
by xsting5 September 11, 2012
Just Shoot Me
I wrecked my dad's new car. JSM.
by fredinaz March 19, 2009
Sickest Dj From Brampton

Repping springdale
who's the sickest dj in brampton

by You're ex girlfriend September 16, 2012
Just shit myself...
I can't believe we almost wiped on Sindragosa... nice healing btw... JSM
by Jono2411 May 25, 2010

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