that really ugly, fat-assed for-some-reason-really-successful stuck up "singer" bitch. why do people fancy her? no-one knows. but obviousy she emits some sort of marriage scent, that traps any man in the 10 metre vicinity. Scientists predict that by the year 2027, J Lo will have been out with, or married every man who lives in a hospitable part of the world, bar 4. and they are the 4 underground gays that have had to flee because of the homosexual cleansing issued by George Bush. Yes. He's still president in 2027. God help us. God help us all.
- oh my god, J Lo's ass is so big! and she's so ugly, and fat, and untalented, and really really dumb.
- (J Lo) hey man, wanna marry me?
- must...resist...musn't...die...AGHHH!
by Jack Bean December 03, 2004
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A woman who constantly switches her boyfriends to see which ethnicities she likes the best; a woman who loves getting married so much she does it over and over again with different men; a woman who is famous for her ass and not her singing or acting
"Yo son that bytch can't sing but she got a phatty like JLo"..."Damn homie that hoez had more men than JLo.. o wait she almost does"..."Holup, that hoes been with a black guy, spanish guy, mexican, white, hindu, arabian...damn she a JLo"
by DiZzY DeViL dUcKy January 09, 2004
1) nickname for entertainer Jennifer Lopez;
2) a big, beautiful bodonkadonk booty that you wanna grab 6 handfuls of!
Damn! Check out tha j lo on that byotch!
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
A woman with a fat ass.
That is one JLo on your girlfriend!
by Si July 13, 2004
big ol' butt
Jennifer Lopez
by john batey January 30, 2003
A heinous mutant with an elephant's ass and an intellect of a door knob. A diva in american pop culture i.e. a paragon of abysmal taste and grotesque cacophony. Exposure and rise to success is a result of diligent fellation.
Is that a cello?
No, it's J.Lo.
by russianbear54 September 12, 2006
The moniker for celebrity singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.

Became popular when Lopez releashed her music album "J-LO" in July 24, 2001 and opened her own product line named JLO.

The online shop very humbly describes j-lo as " one of the most talented, well known entertainers in the world today."
(which is larger, the head or the...)
You listening to JLO?
by letsprocrastinate December 16, 2004
a stupid stuckup slut star overpaid by hollywood
by get her out of the spotlight August 02, 2003
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