A foxy looking Hebrew with wide hips for continuing the faith.
AePi Bro #1: Who's the smokin' JILF?
AePi Bro #2: That's my sister.
Bro #1: I'd like to show her my 'Woody Allen'
Bro #2: Dude....she's 14. Not cool.
by hipsterjew March 22, 2010
Top Definition
Jew I'd Like to Fuck
Oh man, did you see that JILF? That's the biggest bonkin' nose I've seen all year!
by Caffine Overdose March 29, 2004
Janitor I would like to fuck.
Damn, that is a hot Jilf mopping the floor!!
by Henry Harrington IV April 03, 2005
Janitor I'd like to fuck
You see that janitor with the big mole on her face that's a Jilf
by Cyber bully May 19, 2016
Justice I'd Like to Fuck
Dude, that Ruth Bader Ginsberg. What a JILF! I'd love to suck her torts.
by El Priest October 30, 2007
Jedi I'd Like (to) Fuck

Similair to a milf
While playing Knights of the Old Republic, I realized that Bastilla is a true Jilf.
by TheCheeseburger May 04, 2009
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