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Jew I'd Like to Fuck
Oh man, did you see that JILF? That's the biggest bonkin' nose I've seen all year!
by Caffine Overdose March 29, 2004
A foxy looking Hebrew with wide hips for continuing the faith.
AePi Bro #1: Who's the smokin' JILF?
AePi Bro #2: That's my sister.
Bro #1: I'd like to show her my 'Woody Allen'
Bro #2: Dude....she's 14. Not cool.
by hipsterjew March 22, 2010
Janitor I would like to fuck.
Damn, that is a hot Jilf mopping the floor!!
by Henry Harrington IV April 03, 2005
Kinda like M.I.L.F. but jewish.
J.I.L.F. in the house!
by Donny G December 21, 2006
Justice I'd Like to Fuck
Dude, that Ruth Bader Ginsberg. What a JILF! I'd love to suck her torts.
by El Priest October 30, 2007
Jedi I'd Like (to) Fuck

Similair to a milf
While playing Knights of the Old Republic, I realized that Bastilla is a true Jilf.
by TheCheeseburger May 04, 2009
Japanese I'd Like To Fuck
jilf jilf jilf jilf!!!
by phil April 20, 2005