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To force the head back and to the left
When getting head your load is so powerful it forces the head to jerk back and to the left. "You JFKed her"
by Fosbury January 24, 2007
When a man perchs on the headboard of his bed, jerking off, trying to shoot a load on his significant other, while they walk around the bed waving to an imaginary crowd of people.
Man: Ugghh! Take that bitch!
Woman: Oh, I've just been JFKed!
by littlegold June 28, 2005
To miss someone the first time with a snowball, and then hit them directly in the face with the second snowball that's thrown.
Dustin- Dude i JFK'ed her so hard yesterday!
Bob- What?!
Dustin- Yea man, i missed hitting her with the first snowball and then i JFK'ed her with the second one!
by DusTron January 23, 2012
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