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A piece of feces that hangs on after taking a dump. Also known as poo-leavin's, poo hangers, etc.
I went to wipe, and I realized I had a dag narby stuck to my ass-crack
by DamnBigFeet January 25, 2009
The pieces of feces that hang on in your butt crack after taking a dump.
When wiping my ass, I found that I had a couple of dag narbies hanging on. I just smeared the dag narbies in my ass-crack!
by DamnBigFeet January 25, 2009
It is where you are having sex, then you ejaculate on her frontal lobe, and her head goes back and to the left.

For extra effect, have a second shooter.
It is still a mystery who JFKed dat hoe.
by DamnBigFeet April 16, 2009

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