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overrated because he was shot was a racist often broght hookers to the white house S.S. did not react because they hated him and wanted him to die to lots of narcodics made deals with the mob i still dont understand why he is liked also a racist if you did not know all of this is true look it up
- \"hey whos that over rated corrupt president\"
- \"i belive you mean JFK\"
- \"yes thats who i meant\"
by killanater April 26, 2005
22 83
a.k.a. "The Magic Bullet" - Have a girl wear a blindfold while she is giving you head. At the same time, have a friend sneak in behind her and pleasure himself behind her. Both of you let 'em rip at the same time and nail the skank with goo from both sides of her head. She will always question if there was a second shooter or it was just a magic load.
I think my boyfriend had a friend of his help him JFK me last night. But he insists on a "single bullet theory."
by Saint Sean October 02, 2007
478 219
An airport that serves New York City.
I flew from LAX to JFK.
by Amolo October 03, 2005
287 183
well i just means; Just Fucking Kidding.
by DOPEBOY13 February 06, 2009
160 87
John Fitzgerald Kennedy or JF Kennedy for short.
The 35th president of the United States. He was elected in 1961 and then assassinated in 1963.

New York International Airport is known as John F. Kennedy International Airport and it's referred to as JFK.
JFK was killed by Jack Ruby.

The JFK flight leaves at 6 PM.
by jimmybone d April 21, 2008
195 136
Either John F kennedy or John F Kerry. Both very smart and good people.
1. JFK was a great president, it's a pitty he was killed.

2. I really hope JFK wins the 2004 election.
by Cory October 26, 2004
357 300
Just Fucking Kidding

Created bt C.T.S.
your a faggot?
dude jfk.
by Kodi C. November 04, 2008
73 46
1.) John Fitzgerald Kennedy. 35th president of the United States of America. Considered to be one of the greatest presidents ever due to his work on civil rights. Was the fourth president assassinated (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy).

2.) Just fucking kidding. Variation of JK
1.) JFK's assassination has many parallels to the Lincoln assassination.

2.) dude ur a fucking fag! jfk!
by DTslashDT February 19, 2010
56 34