Verb, adj.
Sexual position;
When you splatter all over a girl while she screams and tries to get out of the car.
Last Tuesday I JFK'd that Tiffany girl from the office. Cost me $20 extra for the car wash but totally worth it
by Access112358 June 13, 2016
Better sounding abbreviation for "Jesus Fucking Christ"
*Man gets cut off in traffic*
Man: "AWW JFK!"
by Evy22 July 27, 2011
Just Fucking Kidding

When you make a joke and some wasteman takes offence to it, completely killing the atmosphere.

So you say 'JFK'.
(homeboy) What do a silver medallist and a priest have in common?

(homegirl) I don't know.

(homeboy) They both came in a little behind.

(wasteman) pedophilia isn't funny

(homeboy) JFK
by ellensmells February 26, 2014
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