Just Fucking Kidding

When you make a joke and some wasteman takes offence to it, completely killing the atmosphere.

So you say 'JFK'.
(homeboy) What do a silver medallist and a priest have in common?

(homegirl) I don't know.

(homeboy) They both came in a little behind.

(wasteman) pedophilia isn't funny

(homeboy) JFK
by ellensmells February 26, 2014
A new hip acronym! Stands for Just Fucking Kidding!
Dude..you totally just slept with my girlfriend last night!!

Dude: WHAAT?!!

by NikiWithOneK April 23, 2012
Jerk it
Fuck it

Kick it...
it's not what you can do for your bitch, but what your bitch can do for you
Yo bro i just JFK'd this biddy
by mad man mcgarv aka the gent October 08, 2011
When you jiz on a person's head in the back of a moving convertible.
I gave my girlfriend a JFK in the back of my mustang!
by jbrill23 December 10, 2010
just fucking kidding.
JK sounds too gay so say JFK
Bob: Hey let's fuck
Mary: Oh yes, I'm so desperate
Bob: jfk bitch. You're a whore.
by youdafoo92 May 03, 2010
Just Fucking Kidding

Created bt C.T.S.
your a faggot?
dude jfk.
by Kodi C. November 04, 2008
Just Fucking Kidding
Andy: I just raped a Donkey 2 times.
Kevin: Really?
Andy: JFK
by kingdomkz June 18, 2008

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