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The act of a male flashing their pubic hair at his friends in order to gain the satisfaction of trickery.
Hahaha!!! I JFKed Ian and he almost passed out!
by Sambo314 July 13, 2006
when you're driving on a road trip and and your head bobs back and forth as you catch yourself falling asleep
chino was driving for so many hours when frank told him "dude stop with the JFK's and let me drive"
by jobens February 09, 2012
while playing halo 3 snipe the passenger or gunner in warthog or the passenger in the mongoose while its in motion
i jfk'd raul while he was gunning billy.
by anti cupid March 08, 2008
Aside from the president, this name is commonly know amongst dance punk/electro lovers. All because of Jesse Frederick Keeler, former bassplayer of Death from Above 1979 and currently one of the two DJ's in the DJduo MSTRKRFT.
1#: "Dude, this rocks, what is it?"
2#: "Death from Above 1979..."
1#: "Definitely want to see them perform live"
2#: "Too bad they broke up long ago"
1#: "Why!"
2#: "The bassplayer, JFK, seemed to have serieus arguements with drummer Seb..."
1#: "Too bad..."
by GraingerIV February 18, 2009
Where to find the janner, Shaz, TracyMatlows, Crabs and Pongos.
Located on union st, near millbay docks.
Full of under aged drinker and clubbers.
Stands -unoffically- for Just For Kids.
Recently became C103, but the name change wasn't sucessful and is still called JFKs.
"Right mate, we'll start in PR then go to JFKs and end up down millbay"
by Eva January 07, 2004
Just Fucking Kidding

When you make a joke and some wasteman takes offence to it, completely killing the atmosphere.

So you say 'JFK'.
(homeboy) What do a silver medallist and a priest have in common?

(homegirl) I don't know.

(homeboy) They both came in a little behind.

(wasteman) pedophilia isn't funny

(homeboy) JFK
by ellensmells February 26, 2014
A new hip acronym! Stands for Just Fucking Kidding!
Dude..you totally just slept with my girlfriend last night!!

Dude: WHAAT?!!

by NikiWithOneK April 23, 2012