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The Jesus Train. The way rap artist TobyMac describes the way a christian gets from this earth to eternal glory in Heaven.
"Sit back, relax, put on your travelin' gear
No need to doubt, so put aside your fear
"Destination" out of this atmosphere
It's the J-Train, baby, we depart from right here"
by Josiah February 29, 2004
Please See J Train
"No Lines to fight, no ticket to price
I'm rollin' first class cause I've seen the light
Try as you may, but your money can't buy
A ticket on the J Line to the other side"
by Josiah February 29, 2004
The space where fluffy puffed air puffed sugar delites are made (notice how they never use the word "marshmallow"
fluffy puff air puffed sugar delights hand puffed in a factory in neuconsin
by Josiah October 04, 2003
To be someone's significant other (their "boo") and also a source of motivation and inspiration.
When struggling to write her paper, Tami called on Jonathan, her boomuse, to help her find the energy to complete it.
by Josiah March 13, 2005

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