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The perfect use for any answer
Why did you do that?
Its Whatever
by PooterShooter August 04, 2008
something not worth worrying about
nothing important
something that is beyond ones control
see shit happens
Lauren: "So duda, how do hard do you think that anatomy test will be?"
Duda: "ahh It's whatever"

Lauren: "So Avery, are you excited for prom!"
Avery: "It's whatever..."
by Alex Duda April 03, 2008
Fuck you.
"Hey I'm sorry I didn't show up but I'm really getting swamped over here. I understand how important this was to you and I really hope I can make it to the next one!"

"It's whatever."
by butttt January 15, 2012
the greatest answer to any question, dilemma, or situation. it can be used in almost every conversation you could possibly have. its whatever, you get the point...
at a gas station:
hood rat aka rachelbby: your mans all up on some other chick, i just saw him in the 711.
bri: i'm done. i don't care anymore. it's whatever. i'm acting brand new.

at work:
mindless drone #1: the boss wants that paper on yesterdays transactions in ten minutes.
mindless drone #2: but i haven't even started on it yet! man, fuck it, it's whatever. that ass can wait!

and so on and so forth.
by rachelbby March 31, 2009
If something bad is expected to happen but you really don't care about the situation. It may also be a style of living one's life (laziness).
Brandi: I think we might miss our plane home?!
Josh: It's whatever...
Brandi: Ugh Josh don't think that way
by peewee1112223 October 28, 2009
The answer to almost any problem, incident or question. A response that literally means that it is nothing to worry about. Irrelevant and or unimportant.
Sean is so chill, he always is like, it's whatever.
by justchillin10001 January 30, 2010
Do whatever, whenever you want.
John: "Wanna go smoke a J?"
Bob: "It's Whatever"

Bill: "It cool if I grab a beer from the frig?"
Jane: "It's Whatever"
by Wkw September 07, 2006
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