A girl who is nonchalant about everything and pretends she doesn't care, but she really does. She can also be a fruitcake, sweet on the outside, nutty on the inside.
"Omg, you are such a Isabel!"
"You pretend you don't care!"
by Tyuni July 17, 2009
A popular, bubbly, funny, unique girl. And is the one you can rely on and trust with all your heart! Not fake, or slutty, or a girl who takes a photo of herself every second of every day. Often known for her looks and confidence in herself! So down to earth.

A girl you would want as your bestfriend and you'd be lucky to have one as your bestfriend!

These Isabels are like diamonds, precious and rare! So you better look after your Isabel when you find her!
Girl 1: Ohhh, look it's Isabel!
Boy 1: Let's call her over here!
Girl 2: Yeaah! Come on Isabel! Hang with us today?
Boy 2: Phwoahh she IS a hottyyyyy!
by Imzzzie January 21, 2012
a girl who is actually a pretty cool gal but the girls don't see it. The few gal friends she does have are usually not the MOST attractive. she is kinda easy and most people like her better single. but if she gets into a relationship, she knows how to love. her true friends are guys and her boyfriend gets jealous often. usually has beautiful eyes and dark her. sometimes latino.
isabel rocks dude you're so lucky" "i know
by UrBaNdIcTiOnArYlOvErLoLzXx November 08, 2010
the most lovely/trustworthy bestiest friend a person can have and people might not know it but they shall cherish as much too life with her as much as possible.she's very powerful - so don't fuck with her.she absolutely loves this guy and he loves her with his everything as well.she's everyone's reason to smile and there shall not be a single frown upon her's if i am still alive with her.we go through up and downs like a roller coaster but everything always seem to be aight.shes really pretty , inside and out.no need to wear makeup because this is evolution.one day she will the most well-known fashion manager ; owning her own fashion line,beauty products etc.. if you have an isabel at your school,don't be afraid to be friends with her because shes not even close to being anti-social.she's great at dancing and is the sexiest beast alive.she'll be always here - right by your side whenever you do or don't need her.
-having conversation till the guy interupts randomly-
Guy One:Is she single?
Me:ahaha,yup :)
Guy:should i ask her?
Me:ask her what?
Guy:ask her out -derp face-
Me:well if you don't screw her up - cuz if you do i'll slap the shitload outta you boy.
Guy: o_o
Me:so love her with all your heart and don't leave her alone,mkay?

no one messes with my friends.espesially isabel.
by SMILEFOMEYO October 10, 2011
Isabel is an amazing girl and she's more than perfect. She's amazing in every way and is always fun to be around even if she's in a bad mood. I love her so much. She's my everything. My life. My angel. My world. She has my heart. And my soul. She has the key to my heart and soul also. I would do anything to make her happy. She's my one and only. I love her more than anyone else. She's extremely beautiful, cute, pretty, funny, and sexy. She's amazing. Without her, I'd be nothing. My beautiful Isabel
My beautiful Isabel
by Sky13Bells12 December 03, 2011
Isabel is the best girlfriend you could ever ask for. She's the most beautiful of them all and you are always proud to be seen with her in public. She is the most amazing girlfriend and also the best friend. You can talk to her about everything and anything. Shell also listen to everything you say. She has the most amazing smile that will never leave her beutiful face. you can talk to her for hours and never get bored. And you can never get her out of your mind. She is by far the best part of your day Oh and she's awesome
Isabel the bestest creature out there.
by rorie dlog November 14, 2011
An insanely amazing, awesome girl who doesn't realise how awesome and how cool of a person she is at time. Can be a douche at times, and can be one of the kindest, sweetest people to you depending on how well you know her. She's also extremely beautiful but is defiant in believing so herself. Has beautiful eyes, and an amazing gift for stringed instruments and poetry. Can be very misunderstood but is amazing at understand other people and the world around her. If you are lucky enough to know her, it won't take much time for her to become one of your best friends and someone you probably can't live without.
1. Damn, I'm bored as hell...Well, let me message Isabel.

2. Person: Dang it...I'm so bored. If only I----
Isabel: Sup?
by TheMagicConchShell April 07, 2013
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