She is a mostly nice, funny, and happy girl. She likes to run around and giggle with her friends. Isabel is also very attractive and pretty, so if you ever dated her, you must also be attractive. Isabel is usually fun and great to be around except although rarely, sometimes she goes over the top and gets annoying, but is almost always super fun!
Man, did you see that girl? She reminds me of an Isabel!
by secretlover;) February 20, 2012
Super nice, funny, girlie who loves to laugh and have a good time. She HATES homework and stuff like that! LOL So LOVEABLEEEEEE!
I love my sister isabel!
by boyCrazed49 October 01, 2012
A fun,super sweet girl,and she can make u laugh so hard that you'll pee yourself. She can get a little lez at times but ya gotta lover.
Girl: She was so an Isabel! she got all over me last night at that party!
by MsLadybug1011 November 23, 2011
A very kind and sweet girl. Usually come from the French root (belle, meaning beautiful), or Spanish. Isabel's are usually either Spanish or Italian, having dark hair and curves. Isabel's have big brown eyes that always are bright. Isabel's are usually picky about everything. Boys, food, clothes, you name it. They are not rude or mean to other people and are always kind, even when inside they are very annoyed. Get's along with everyone, and has a great sence of humor. Does not have an innapropriate side.
"You're such an Isabel."

Why, thank you ;)
by supbroheyyy December 01, 2011
Isabel's are the nicest people you could ever meet. They put others before themselves and give the best hug ever!! They comfort you and will always be there for you. They love spending time with their friends and are really genuine. Isabel's are always ready to try news things. They're pretty, creative and smart. If you know an Isabel you're a very very lucky person!
Random: I need a hug :(

You: Quick lets find Isabel!
by Ilovewatermelonmorethanyou September 11, 2013
"Belle"is French root word for beautiful. - Isabel brings joy and laughter to people being shy at first but once you get to know her she is always smiling, being goofy and playful. Isabels are intelligent and beautiful having the most beautifulest eyes who fall in love easily and have many guy bestfriends wishing they were in her boyfriends place.
"That Isabel is funny and really pretty"
by jazzy_leanne November 10, 2013
Isabels are giggly and fun to be around. You could talk to them for hours and not get bored. They are also perfectionists and on thing wrong can make them go crazy. Most Isabels are short for their age, have brown hair and hazel eyes. They can be the best bestfriend or boyfriend you ever have. If your dating and Isabel you must be lucky. If your bestfriends with an Isabel you will never have a full day when your around her. They have a huge passion of dance and they are very dedicated to it. They love sparkles and to eat. If your dating an Isabel or have dated an Isabel you must be attractive because DAYUMM they are hot. Isabel comes from the French prefix Belle which means beautiful. Don't mess with her or you'll regret it.
Guy- Damn who's that?

Friend- Thats Isabel.
Guy-"Oh no wonder why she's so hot!"
Friend- "Don't mess with her or you'll regret it!"
by ROSHONDALA November 03, 2013

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