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A name given to a male who is born with an aura of magic or science. The name means he shall be the chosen one. Isaac is claimed to be made of a special blend of magic, blood and sperm.
Dude: Yo Bro! Ma lady had a baby and it was all like fricking powerful and shit.
Bro: No Way Dude! Dude, you should totally name that fucker Isaac! He'll totally be magic!
by Issybees May 24, 2011
50 22
means "One who makes me laugh" or "laughter". The funniest guy who is sweet and charming. Knows how to lighten the mood. Is one who brings peace and others together. A miracle birth.
Are you feeling down? What you need is an Isaac.
by mommyofangels February 03, 2010
2363 1030
Isaac, is the guy that people want to hang out with. He's extremely nice, hilarious, and very handsome. He will go out of his way to make sure someone else is happy. Every girl that meets him wants to go out with him, because they know he will always be by their side. He's a very loving person, and the guy you want to be around.
Girl #2: Just relax and act natural.
Girl #1 and #2: Hey Isaac!
Isaac: Hey!
Girl #1 and #2: *faints*
by mr.crazyguy January 17, 2011
1351 647
All-around good person, the ideal boyfriend. He will have meaningful, intelligent conversations with you and cherish everything about you. He will give you the right advice, make you laugh, and cuddle. A boy you can really fall in love with. Most of all, he will be there for you.
I love Isaac, he is perfect for me.
by abaigealsays June 21, 2009
1260 653
v. the act of being great. and/or perfect
you've been isaac-ing a lot today!
by sidni February 06, 2004
1721 1246
the hottest kid in school... hell the hottest kid in town!!
wow the guy is so fine he is actually lookin kinda isaac-ish
by i think u no! March 25, 2004
1946 1500
That kid in the Bible whos dad decided to kill him because he thought God told him to.
Take your son Isaac, your only son, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains that I shall show you

by xcusedabsence April 10, 2005
1660 1255
1.an extreme homie
2.the biggest homie on the block
wow,thats an isaac
by joe cool January 19, 2004
1395 1008