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a guy who has a huge heart; one who you can always go to and who will help you out in any time of need; da best guy evaa!!!!; a real heartbreaker, but not because he causes it, but because girls are so attracted to him; one of the most amazing guys you will ever meet; supa handsome!
Isaac is da best!
by Ms. Seniorito October 24, 2012
A name given to a male who is born with an aura of magic or science. The name means he shall be the chosen one. Isaac is claimed to be made of a special blend of magic, blood and sperm.
Dude: Yo Bro! Ma lady had a baby and it was all like fricking powerful and shit.
Bro: No Way Dude! Dude, you should totally name that fucker Isaac! He'll totally be magic!
by Issybees May 24, 2011
The definition of the word "awesome." This guy is handsome, smart, funny, daring, and sometimes a boob. All in all, he's just plain awesome. Open up a dictionary, and if its real you'll see a picture of an Isaac right by the word Isaac, which is defined as "being awesome." If thats not in there, then your dictionary isn't legit!
DUDE! Did you see that sick stunt he just pulled? That's just like Isaac!

Damn you're handsome. You remind me of Isaac.

Guy 1: Dude, you're awesome!

Guy 2: No...I'm Isaac!
by Captain Rubber Ducky March 10, 2010
Literally the best thing that will ever happen to you. Although literally everybody he comes into contact with either ends up becoming friends with him within a matter of days or falling madly in love with him, he remains down-to-earth, kind, and completely oblivious to how much everyone loves him. He's hilarious, sweet, and the best person to just sit down and have a really deep conversation about anything with. Say what you want-he won't judge. Isaac is also unimaginably talented, and is killer at drums, guitar, and pretty much any other instrument he touches. Although his perfection is almost overwhelming, it's somehow still easy to talk and joke with him like you've been best friends for years. If you find yourself an Isaac, make sure to hold on tight-there's nobody quite like him out there, and you'll most definitely regret letting him go if you do.
Person 1: Have you ever talked to that guy over there? The one over there by the drum set?
Person 2: Of course I have! That's Isaac. He's freaking awesome.
Person 1: Right?
by heyiamanonymous September 03, 2013
A somewhat charming guy... On the outside. He has a very dirty mind and is not afraid to show case that fact. Every girl at some point likes him. He also has a sweet side that every body can love. He is not afraid to pick a fight.
Girl#1: like at that guy he's such an Isaac
by Epic Bacon Lover May 31, 2013
to pull an Isaac, is when someone wimps out of physical contact with a super hot sexy girl, by laughing and pulling away. Maybe an early sign of homosexuality or simply pre-maturely ejaculating
-"Dude, you should totally of gone in for a kiss! Why did you pull an Isaac?!"

-"Damn, that girl is SLAMMIN' I would NEVER pull an Isaac on her!"
by claire sexyhotstuff November 07, 2011
The total definition of a man whore, or just a whore. He will make you believe that he loves you but then ditch at any moment. He has gone after best friends, (who is also a whore), and he also has a man crush on one of his best friends. He can also be known as a hermaphrodite, transvestite, he is a major dick and dousche!
Kevin: Man, that isaac is such a man-whore.

Garrett: Yeah, not to mention his man crush on me
by wenucare9989 July 10, 2010