He is the guy who will make you laugh and smile, he has the longest penis ever. He never gets mad at any girls and he know how to talk to them. He is the best kisser in the world and when you ask him to kiss you he will as long at you want. He in a very handsome guy. He is a great friend and a great boyfriend. He has a good taste in music and even if he hates yours he will sing with you as much as you want. You ask him for money if you where a dollar short or even 100 dollars short. He will always say he loves you and he will mean it. He loves to stay up and watch movies with his friends or lover. He will never cheat or say he does not love you, he wont get mad at you even if you take his money. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet.
Isaac:Hey honey, you are looking fine today. wait what am i saying you look great everyday.

Girlfriend:i don't look that great do i?
Isaac:Of course you do you do everyday and night.
by Beautifulboy May 24, 2016
A ugly creature who has a boyfriend named Paulo. He is gay and gives free blowjobs.
Damn He looks so grostique , so much like an Isaac
by Isaac Y Paulo June 27, 2016
Down to earth guy who loves peanut M&M's and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

"Look! its an Isaac"

- A guy with a six pack holding a 56oz of peanut M&M's.

- A sexy model.

- Candy eye: attractive.
*You get the point bitch!


by izek September 23, 2010
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