The biggest jerk in the world. Someone bound to cheat, steal, break hearts and ask to be forgiven. But never take them back, because they won't learn. LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN.
"He cheated on you with a ho and broke your heart?"


"then he asked for you back?"


"what an ISAAC. The world would be better off without them. "
by firetheaquarist February 06, 2010
It is all that is gay!!!
damn bro, you see that kid over there he reminds me of isaac
by aslkej September 08, 2008
Hey did you see Isaac today !? HE LOOKED SO FUCKING UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!
by masey856 March 12, 2011
1. A very nice, handsome young man from England.
2. N. A man that knows exactly how to please someone in the most positive way possible.
That isaac boy over there sure is looking fine...
by Online Diction December 29, 2003
___BOSS___Greatest Person To Ever Rome The Earth Besides Jesus And Holy People And Hes The Greates At Everthing And ur Mom Likes Hm And U got PWN3D by him in Everthing And Hes Like The Shit I Swear LIke Unbelievibly The Shit On top of it And Hes Awsome And Stuff And Hes Good At Halo And Games And Hes So Sexy lIKE woAH
Your an Isaac or the complete opposite of a Douche fag nut saggy haired testicular object = The Shit At All Times
The gorgeous guy that you love but dumps you for an Aplin. Isn't life sad?
"OMG he dumped me!"
"That total isaac. Did you slap him?"
by Youresodeadisaacbutistilluvu June 11, 2009

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