Down to earth guy who loves peanut M&M's and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

"Look! its an Isaac"

- A guy with a six pack holding a 56oz of peanut M&M's.

- A sexy model.

- Candy eye: attractive.
*You get the point bitch!


by izek September 23, 2010
to pull an Isaac, is when someone wimps out of physical contact with a super hot sexy girl, by laughing and pulling away. Maybe an early sign of homosexuality or simply pre-maturely ejaculating
-"Dude, you should totally of gone in for a kiss! Why did you pull an Isaac?!"

-"Damn, that girl is SLAMMIN' I would NEVER pull an Isaac on her!"
by claire sexyhotstuff November 07, 2011
A derogotory term for Jews which was gradully replaced with kike. Classic movie star, Errol Flynn is famous for saying it.
Errol Flynn, in a 1933 letter to German intelligence agent Hermann Erben: "A slimy Jew is trying to cheat me ... I do wish we could bring Hitler over here to teach these Isaacs a thing or two. The bastards have absolutely no business probity or honour whatsoever."
by ih8uplzdie November 04, 2004
The total definition of a man whore, or just a whore. He will make you believe that he loves you but then ditch at any moment. He has gone after best friends, (who is also a whore), and he also has a man crush on one of his best friends. He can also be known as a hermaphrodite, transvestite, he is a major dick and dousche!
Kevin: Man, that isaac is such a man-whore.

Garrett: Yeah, not to mention his man crush on me
by wenucare9989 July 10, 2010
n. An annoying asshole who will prevent you from getting laid.
The word Isaac can be used after such words as Fuck, Damn it.
Hot Girl: Hey, you wanna come over to my place?
Guy: Sure!
Isaac: <Runs up behind guy and hot girl> Hey guys can I come?
Hot Girl: Yeeeaaaah, I actually gotta go.
by Big Booty Bitches 25 April 30, 2011
A normal boring guy usually shy with an average size penis tries to be funny at the wrong times in the conversation or repeats what has already been said doesn't make a good friend or boyfriend
Guy 1 and 2: Hey Isaac
Isaac: hey
Guy 1: he doesn't say much does he
Guy 2: no he is almost like a hermit
by idog99 September 11, 2011
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