Popular term in St. Mary's County, MD, especially at the college. Named because of the 3 "events" involved, thus making it a triatholon. A team of two people has to drink 30 beers, smoke 1/8 of marijuana, and eat a large pizza in 12 hours. Similar concept to a case race, except more substances involved.
"We were going to do a whole Ironman the Saturday of World Carnival, but we messed up by leaving the beer for last."
by jadedruby22 May 07, 2008
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A Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist.
Captain America:
Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away then what are you?
Iron Man:
A Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist.
by YourQuestionIsNotAvailable October 28, 2011
1) A song by Black Sabbath that has inspired thousands of youth across America and the world to pick up a guitar and start slamming away to the rhythm of it's chords. Probably second only to Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple in it's prevalance as one of the first songs aspiring rock guitarists learn how to play.

2) A Marvel Comics superhero, AKA Tony Stark. Fights evil from inside a high-tech red and gold suit. Owner of Stark Industries... see other definitions for more in-depth coverage of this topic.

3) A race, similar to a triathalon. Involves swimming, running, and biking.

1) Rock loving teen: "I am Iron Man..." dananananana Iron Man! *strums away violently at his guitar which he got a few days ago, and on which he only knows how to play one chord.

2) Tony Stark... AKA Iron Man!

3) That dude ran the Iron Man last weekend... wow.
by killerfiller March 07, 2006
To do something with great balls very quickly. You may little time to do it. Sentence must start with "Dude!"
Dude I have to go Iron Man my 100 page essay due in three hours.
Dude we bought hella pizza we have to Iron Man the rest!
Dude I have to go Iron Man my girlfriend tonight.
by hellafuckintoolbars March 05, 2013
1. Iron Man is a marvel comics created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Iron man's first appearance was in Tales of Suspense #39. Iron man's true identity is Anthony Stark. Stark was born in Long Island, New York. When he was only 21 years old, he inherited Stark Industries, which is his father's company. On a trip in Vietnam, Stark was captured by Wong Chu, a Vietnamese warlord. Stark was ordered into building weapons for Wong Chu, but he was secretly creating a powerful suit with his fellow prisoner,Yin Sen. When the suit was finished, Yin Sen sacrificed himself so that Stark could get his suit ready for battle. Enraged with his friend's death, Stark killed Wong Chu and managed to escape from Vietnam as the invincible iron man.

2. An awesome song by Black Sabbath.

Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all,
Or if he moves will he fall?
Is he alive or dead?
Has he thoughts within his head?
We'll just pass him there
why should we even care?

He was turned to steel
in the great magnetic field
When he travelled time
for the future of mankind

Nobody wants him
He just stares at the world
Planning his vengeance
that he will soon unfurl

Now the time is here
for Iron Man to spread fear
Vengeance from the grave
Kills the people he once saved

Nobody wants him
They just turn their heads
Nobody helps him
Now he has his revenge

Heavy boots of lead
fills his victims full of dread
Running as fast as they can
Iron Man lives again!
Iron man could easily kill captain planet in two hits.

I listened to "Iron man" by Black Sabbath during the car ride.
by Colin S. May 26, 2007
Iron Man is a kick-ass song by the mighty BLACK SABBATH.

IRON MAN is also the alias used by a mysterious, guitar-playing, hardcore Irish rocker.

Other bogus names include:

G. Willaker
Malicious Matt

BTW... These nicknames are taken, so go make up your own shithead.
1. IRON MAN really plays the shit out of that Gibson Iommi SG!

2. I wish I could be as hardcore as IRON MAN. He truly lives hardcore!

3. IRON MAN makes the coolest posts, and I love his haikus!
by Jezz Torrent November 17, 2004
a beast song by Black Sabbath. one of the greatest.

iron man will spread fear among all. iron man is god.
iron man is the shiznit.
I am Iron Man

Bwoooooowwww Weaaoowwwwww

Dum dum dum dum dum, deorn deorn deorn deorn dum dum dum
by V.T November 14, 2003
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