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His real name is Tony Stark. Now you know his secret. Bwahahahahaaaaaa*cough**cough*hahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!
Damn that Iron Man foiled my attempt to rule the world! He raided my hidden fortress and blasted my Super Destructo Laser Thingy before I could test it on Canada.
by Dr. Doom May 30, 2004
41 31
a very tough and durable man
That iron man must lift weights all day.
by Light Joker July 06, 2005
19 16
People ignor him so he comes and kills everyone, great song.
"Heavy boots of lead, fills his victims full of dread"
by Sinar July 14, 2004
31 28
The iron man takes the most drugs and beer and proves himself to be alpha male of the group.

To be a man of iron of a certain group of friends.
Iron man
Chuck Norris
Roy Walker
Hulk Hogan
The Rock
Damien Lakin
Mike Tyson
Whitney Housten
Ian Brown
Robert Danny Junior
Jaap Stam
Adrain Mutu
by Smitdaco June 18, 2010
4 2
When the man blows his load on the girls chest. After ejaculation has finished the man sticks an ashtray on the jizz. Leaving behind the famous iron man power supply.
Where's the ashtray? Ask Ashley, I think it's on her chest. Derek pulled an iron man on her last night...she loved it!
by Big Daddy D$ April 06, 2009
6 5
a hell of a cool song by black sabbath
iron man spooked the shit out of people back in the late 60s
by flipsoff April 25, 2008
7 6
Some guy that attends English 100 at Cerritos Community College.
Mark: Doesn't that guy look like Iron Man?
by The Lazer Viking February 04, 2008
28 27