Some guy that attends English 100 at Cerritos Community College.
Mark: Doesn't that guy look like Iron Man?
by The Lazer Viking February 04, 2008
While getting a blowjob you bust a nut in the chicks mouth, then slam a magnet to her braces making her swallow.
Brittney thought she was too good to swallow until I gave her the Ironman.
by IndyJEB May 26, 2009
Applies only to lefties. This occurs when a left-handed person gets a lot of graphite "residue" on the left side of his/her palm when writing for an extended period time. The graphite that goes onto the paper smudges onto the lefty's hand. It can get quite annoying.
Bro, I got total Iron Man from writing that English paper today.
by Greenday4500 January 31, 2011
Someone who is entirely badass. an Iron Man has no fears, no worries, no sorrows. An Iron Man isnt an animal, its a beast. Totally could beat a BAMF in a street fight.
John: Oh my that guys tough.

Jake: Yeah, hes a total BAMF.

John: No, better yet. hes an Iron Man.
by PastyMuffin March 06, 2010
What you call someone with a metal plate in their body, primarily the face/skull, often used when the person was severely beat up, resulting in the plate being put in.
Also used as "Iron Manned", as a past-tense verb, or "Iron Manning" as a present tense.
"Did you hear what happened to Marcus? He got stomped out. He had to go the hospital...they put a metal plate in his face."
"Damn.....that nigga got Iron Manned."
by Ole' Lefty March 11, 2010
A work shift which entails working from open to close.
That guy is either insane, or really needs money, because he's doing an Iron Man.
by Un4givingSlayer May 18, 2008
A superhero who, when people ignore him and take is powers for granted, goes back and kills the people that he saved.
Can he walk at all?
or if he moves, will he fall?

Iron Man lives again!
by Skelington December 24, 2003
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