A totally kick ass metal band!!!
Iron maiden are playing Glasgow SECC 8th December WHOO HOO!!
by mysteriosgothchick October 29, 2003
A spell used by Necromancers in Diablo 2. It causes your attack damage to be inflicted upon yourself.
"Fucking ironmaiden"
"Yeah man. Don't attack monster using iron maiden."
by cschmidt April 19, 2006
The reason you're alive. It was a Maiden concert you were made an accident by your parents
Barry: Why are you an accident, Steve?
Steve: Thank Iron Maiden
by EggFriedRhys March 14, 2015
When you have a sleepover and fart into someone's sleeping bag and lock them into their sleeping bag, leaving them helpless to your fumes. - So sayeth Uncle Jesse
I can't wait to iron maiden the twins
by The One and Only Uncle Jesse August 27, 2013
The coffin like mettle contraption with a womans body on the front. Made of iron with drainage holes in the bottom, it has sharp spikes on the inside. As the device is closed upon someone on the inside, they are pierced many times, and their blood flows out the bottom. This device is currently sued by The Moldman
OMG, The Moldman got him with his Iron Maiden, when the emts got their he didnt have a drop of blood in his body!
by Robert Sturtzen May 02, 2005
Verb: to stick your dick in a waffle iron and then stick it in your partner(s) vagina
Last night he was lucky enough to get an Iron Maiden
by calpal March 14, 2009
1. Iron Maiden (n) in the hobby of airsoft, an Iron Maiden is a female player who can easily stand up to the male competition and succeed. Commonly must overcome the stereotype of being "feminine" or "dainty" by kicking major ass of the guy players, who mistakenly assumed females are not aggressive, but doing so with style and grace, befitting a refined woman.

2. See awesome
She is a real Iron Maiden on the field, she can pwn n00bs with the best of them.
by agenttexx January 30, 2009

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