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A dark styled cartoon original aired on Nickolodeon staring Zim, a loud wreckless alien on a mission to conquer/destroy earth, Dib, a human boy with the mindset to stop Zim, Gir, Zim's disfunctional SIR unit, and Gaz, Dib's dark brooding sister who only cares to be left alone.
Invader Zim is considered by many people the "Jesus Christ" of Cartoons. Created by comic book writer Jhonen Vasques, author of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, and Filler Bunner, Invader Zim became the prophet of his dark concepts. Revolutionary in many ways, it challenged the way its viewers looked at the world around them. The show was cancelled for its unpopularity amoung younger audiences and high production costs. The show grew a major cult following after its "crucifixion".
Throughout 2006 the show had an apparent "resurrection" where episodes never before seen on tv were aired, though they were available on DVD releases before-hand.
Even though Invader Zim is gone, he lives on in our hearts.
Invader Zim: My Tallest! Why have you forsaken me?
Dib: It is done...
by Dimn October 18, 2006

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