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a stupid show about a preppy punk-ass bitch who is a stuck up little whore and thinks girls are better than boys.
Zoey 101 is t3h worst show on Nick.
by TeHbEsT July 08, 2005
Best Grand Theft Auto game EVER. Makes 3 and Vice City look like pansies.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best game on Earth!
by TeHbEsT July 15, 2005
a once kick-ass channel but now a peice of shit for mindless 10 yr. olds. They took away all the awesome shows: Ren and Stimpy (sp?), Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Salute Your Shorts, Doug, the original All That, Rugrats (before 97'), etc. And replaced it with a bunch of retarded crap: The Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob Squarepants, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Zoey 101, etc. Hell, they even tried to make their own anime (Avatar: the Last Airbender and Martian Mystery) which suxxors. Leave the anime to the Japanese.
Nickelodeon used to rock with the awesome shows...now it suxxors.
by TeHbEsT July 08, 2005
a really stupid and gay show. The main characters (Otto, Regie (sp?), Twister, and Sam AKA The Squid) are like fucking 9 year olds and they already can master skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing, biking, etc. (Except Sam cuz hes a pansy and his mothers an over-protective soccer mom.)If 8 or 9 year olds watch this stupid cartoon, they might get the idea that they too can skateboard, rollerblade, etc. and end up breaking their puny neck. "ITS ROCKET POWERS FAULT!"
Don't watch Rocket Power...please. It'll poison your mind.
by TeHbEsT July 27, 2005
the worst website in the world with the most rude and hateful BBS in the world.
"Dude, Newgrounds is teh most stupid website on teh internet." "I know, even Ebaums World is better than that retarded Newgrounds."
by TeHbEsT June 20, 2005
a stupid cartoon show for emos who shop at Hot Topic.
Invader Zim is stupid!
by TeHbEsT July 15, 2005
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