One who thinks first and then speaks by means of using his mouth. Opposite of the extravert who doesn't think and then randomly shoots words out of his asshole like diarrhea.
God that introvert is a nice guy, why does he hang out with that obnoxious extravert.
by bully bullfrog September 30, 2012
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Opposite of extrovert. A person who is energized by spending time alone. Often found in their homes, libraries, quiet parks that not many people know about, or other secluded places, introverts like to think and be alone.

Contrary to popular belief, not all introverts are shy. Some may have great social lives and love talking to their friends but just need some time to be alone to "recharge" afterwards. The word "Introvert" has negative connotations that need to be destroyed. Introverts are simply misunderstood because the majority of the population consists of extroverts.
Extrovert: Oh my god, you're so shy! You need to get out more!
Introvert: But it's so draining - I don't have a problem with going out; I just want to stay at home and read sometimes, y'know?

Jesse is an introvert. He doesn't mind staying home on a Friday night.
by I Hide in the Library August 13, 2007
A very broad term that is misunderstood, but an "introvert" may contain one or more of these qualities. It pretty much comes down to choice however.

One who focuses on the inner world of thoughts and ideas.

One who gains energy from alone time, one who thinks before they speak.
"Look, I like hanging out with you, but you're making me tired ok? I'm an introvert!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
A person that needs solitude and an inner sanctum to survive. A thoughtful person that is lonely due to extroverts taking all the boys/girls that they like.

I am a serious introvert. The last time I was home alone for 8 hours was the happiest time I had experienced for months.

The lonelyless

I have lost about 3 girls so far because they all have extroverted boyfriends+/ are not interesting in introverts. I am thinking, shit! Why am I the only one not let in on the lovefest? It's cold in my mind, yet no one cares.


Extroverts, give us a break. We spend most of our days putting up with your loudness and excessive flamboyance. I don't want to go out more. I need to stay in more before I lose my mind! If I could find a nice attractive girl willing to have a quiet, compassionate, loving relationship, I would be much happier.
by inamatius November 23, 2008
Someone who doesn't talk alot and tends to keep to themselves. They are usually mistakenly labeled as rude, unfriendly, stuck up, or bitchy.
She is not rude or bitchy, she is just an introvert.
by LaDeena July 04, 2009
A person who is, relatively, self-sufficient and has a few close friends. As opposed to extroverts who are needy and have no friends but dozens of acquaintances.
As an introvert, John was comfortable holing up for several days working on his term papers.
by diplod December 06, 2010
The 2nd personality category that isn't understood at all by faggots labeled as "extroverts" and each member of being an introvert is either treated harshly, regarded as being shy, or is just completely ignored all together.
Ignorant Bitch: "John, why don't you ever talk to anyone? Your always sitting in your desk face down in your sketchbook."

John: (Sarcastically) Well here's the thing, first of all everyone in this freaking room talks so loud I can't even think. And second of all, I'M AN INTROVERT! Not everyone in the world is the same! Now leave me the hell alone!
by Misty6 June 14, 2011
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