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To point a loaded gun at someone.
"You draw down on the boss of a family?"
- Tony Soprano to Christopher Moltisanti
by Gary Nabors August 19, 2007
A person who gets your hopes up by saying yes or agreeing to attend an event, party, gathering, meet-up or get together, but then lets you down by bitching-up and backing-up on his/her word on the last minute. It's a technique commonly used to make the invitee feel important to the inviter, like a celebrity you can't touch or you can't see cause he's/she's a VIP. This becomes a habit of disappointment that you can always expect, that you get tired of inviting the person and then he/she complains of being left-out on awesome parties.
A: Dude, where the hell is Mike?
B: Man, nevermind him, he's a drawdown. You know he just wants to feel important. Let him rot wherever.
A: Yeah, he's probably at home surfing on some porn and masturbating.

Andrea, don't be a drawdown. Are you even listening when we ask you to join us or are you just saying yes to whatever?! You can always say no, so we don't have to wait for you.
by Commander_eON June 03, 2011
The proper way to tell or ask a chick to give you head.
Hey baby could you DrawDown on me before we go out tonight. That bitch can DrawDown like a fucking pro! If we are going to have any type of a relationship you are going to have to learn how to DrawDown better.
by Bobby Ray Junior July 12, 2006
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