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To be uncomfortable with wonderment. Being insecure about one's curiosity.
Billy wanted to raise his hand in class to ask his question but felt insecurious because he didn't read the assigned materials and felt he might ask something embarrassing that would prove he didn't complete the reading.
by KhanSultans September 11, 2010
1. adv. When a girlfriend or boyfriend spends their time looking at what you're doing based on their own worries. This could be looking at your computer, checking your emails, browsing facebook, etc.
Yo, I just caught my girl looking at my facebook posts!!
Man, she's being real insecurious.
by Squirtlesaurus July 07, 2014
Relating to a state of emotion involving feelings of insecurity and curiosity.
Being insecure about a situation but also curious, typically of a sexual nature "He or she is insecurious"
by Hanakis October 23, 2008
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