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Pronounced: In-fuck-ted;

(Adj.)-When someone has any type of sexually transmitted disease. Normally referring to AIDS.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Becky? She got tested the other week and found out she's got AIDS.

Guy 2: Damn, I can't tap that anymore. She's infuckted now!
by capnkev June 19, 2009
2 0
an infected wound that hurts really fucking bad
My foot is infuckted
by TaliaDezzzz April 12, 2007
3 4
infested with funk, stupidity, crabs, whatever, to such a degree that said object, person, or situation is rendered 'fucked up'

see infucktid
Out of fear that his hand may get infuckted, Byrd refuses to give "the shocker."
by Zhor August 23, 2005
3 4