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(Noun): When the bottom of someones feet are black like they've been walking bare-foot on a dirty grocery store floor.

Normally found on white people's feet because they have light skin and it is more noticeable, but is not limited to other ethnicity's feet.
Guy 1: Damn does she ever wear shoes?!
Guy 2: It don't look like it. She got grocery store feet!
by capnkev April 09, 2009
What you say to a slutty girl when she won't stop talking.
The harsher version of the phrase "put a sock in it" which means shut-up.
Slut: What you mean I'm a slut?! I'm a virgin!! You don't know me! Blah Blah Blah..
Me: Bit, put a cock in it! I don't give a shit.
by capnkev April 10, 2009
When you receive the wonderful gift of a head under water. The bubbles against your dick are magnificent!
Carry and me were alone in the pool at her house and she gave me a bubble job! Plus...she swallows.
by capnkev May 31, 2009
(noun): Originated by "1000 Ways To Die". A frightmare is when you have a repeated nightmare and you die in your sleep from a heart attack.
Tina told me that she use to have nightmares about midgets. That's before she died in her sleep from a frightmare.
by capnkev April 08, 2009
When a good song (normally a hip-hop mixtape) is found by people and they put DJ's names, websites, rappers, or any other random thing that they decide to use to butcher the song and record over the actual music with.

The song is pretty much spoiled because the background noises that are recorded in make it impossible to hear the lyrics.
Just go listen to 24hourhiphop.com, every song is DJ raped.
by capnkev April 10, 2009
Cut a hole in a box
step 1: Cut a hole in a box
step 2: Put your junk in that box
step 3: Make her open the box

It's my dick in a box!
by capnkev October 12, 2009
To do something that resembles a stalker
James takes the long way to class everyday just to walk by Lacey. That's a little stalkish don't you think?
by capnkev May 11, 2009

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