There are two main types of infidel:
1. Spanish: These are controled by the queen of the infidels, they are infidelic 100% of the time but are not particularly harmful once properly house trained
2. Morrocan: Despite being dormant most of the time, when a morrocan becomes infadelic it is highly dangerous and uncontrolable and must be avoided at all costs
1. Quiet infidel! or i shall purge you 'till you DIE from it!!
2. He's being infadelic! Morrocanly! RUN!!
by hex_ten December 23, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who does not believe what you believe, when you are a religious fundamentalist.
"Death to the infidels!"
by KHD October 18, 2003
Someone who refuses to live his/her life according to the terms dictated by an old book which is a compilation of bizarre superstitions and fictitious tales. Infidels usually have a brain of their own and they choose to use it on a daily basis. Some infidels are atheists, some are agnostic and some are spiritual.
Christian priest: Let there be light...
Muslim priest: La ilaha illallah...
Hindu priest: Om namah shivaaya...
Buddhist priest: Om mani padme hum...

Infidel: No thanks.
by Lateralligator April 28, 2010
one who beats a terrorist with a trout
Whoa! Look at that infidel beating the crap outta taht terrorist with that bloody trout!
by muh May 15, 2003
One who is to be ridiculed. Especially one who disagrees with your point of view or a Microsoft executive.
Death to the Socialist Infidels!
by Lord of Defectiveness March 28, 2004
it's when Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton have their dick in Castro's ass
oh man Clinton is infidel again
by dumb-o's dickin the dictator October 29, 2004
an infidel is a penguin spawn that goes around ghosting and wall hacking in order to gain self esteem.
fucking infidel keeps shooting me through the damn wall... maybe he should go suck some cock
by IhadaBadname(randy) September 22, 2008
One who does not believe in the Banyan way; generally considered a fool.
We happened across a bunch of infidels while wandering the North Woods. We slew them and ransacked their campsite.
by Almighty Banyan April 10, 2003
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