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a threesome you weren't invited to
She said she wasn't committing an infidelity, just that I wasn't invited to this ménage à trois. She promises she'll take me alpine skiing with the next guy she picks up.
#cheating #unfaithful #slut #ho #two-timer
by partytrap February 24, 2013
The evaporation of one's sex drive after eating a large Mexican meal, particularly nachos.
Hey baby, I know I was feeling frisky before dinner, but after that plate of nachos, this is nacho cock tonight.
#whiskey dick #impotence #pushing rope #limp #erectile dysfunction
by partytrap September 24, 2010
a well-endowed man whose massiveness can be seen through his jeans or shorts.
Jonny was wearing tight jeans where you can could see his bajunkajunk resting against the side of his left leg.
#endowment #penis #schlong #trouser snake #junk
by partytrap November 28, 2010
a gay man who makes out with women when he's drunk
Every time Chris gets straisted on Red Bull and vodka, he starts making out with girls even though his boyfriend is sitting next to him.
#drunk #wasted #gay #make out #trashed #hammered
by partytrap November 28, 2010
The substance made from the combination of pre-cum and either vaginal or anal juices. Can also be made with sour cream if the cum isn't so pre.
We were having sex for hours. You should have seen the amount of cockamole we made before I finally added the sour cream.
#jism #jizz #cum #sex #splooge #santorum
by partytrap June 02, 2010
to use the shower massager to wash your taint and or buttocks without the need for a hand towel.
After going to Burning Man for a week and only having access to Wet Wipes and porta potties with single-ply toilet paper, my first shower was amazing. I was pressure washing the undercarriage for a few minutes before I stopped feeling like a primate.
#butt #taint #shower #poo #clean
by partytrap October 08, 2010
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