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A car from the Grand Theft Auto games.
I stole a Infernus today
by icedhunter September 07, 2005
N. Possibly THE best car in any GTA game. A definite must-have in GTA:SA. Uber Rare.
Ive got the Infernus. What do you got? The perennial? C'mon! Check out this guy with the Perennial!
by Steve ellis May 24, 2006
One of the coolest person witht he ebst name to enter the Internet. Infernus got his name from a game, where there was a car named the same. He then took it as his years ago and is popular worldwide for his known hits such as "Oh baby Lets Cyber" and "I got a Virus I'm about to cry".
Dude Infernus just pwned me LOLZ
by Infernus August 13, 2004
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