A person, usually a teenager or young adult who does not and can not comply with modern society, who is highly evolved spiritually and is believed to have come here in this time to aid in the transition of the energies of earth in the near future. They tend to be androgynous and have psychic powers, such as clairvoyancy. The youngest are Crystal Children which are about seven and under, but can be older.
She has an Indigo aura, so she must be an Indigo Child.
by IndigoTrombone April 22, 2006
Top Definition
Children with "Indigo" auras, that usually differ from modern society. They are prone to ADD and ADHD diagnoses, however, blind mothers might claim their ADHD child as an Indigo to avoid the fact that their child is less than perfect and try to excuse him from making trouble.
Oh, my child isn't a bully, he's just an Indigo Child!
by Maddiii August 11, 2006
Known for their indigo auras.
They're critical of everything, but that also includes themselves. So don't mistake them for being stuck up or snobby all the time... They are antisocial but very empathetic, and sensitive, and can see people's true intentions better than most.

Just because somebody is a better listener than a speaker, it doesn't mean they don't approve of you.
Boy: That kid's stuck up and weird...
Girl: Nope, he's just an indigo child.
by uglywords January 08, 2012
A powerful, intelligent, independent child, named for his/her supposedly indigo aura, who will help improve the spiritual quality of the world. Their frequency has recently increased drastically to possibly over 95%, with the first being born in the 1970s or '80s.
Indigo children are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD because of their unwillingness to focus on certain things.
by Lizzie Simon April 29, 2006
Screaming feral kid with nappy hair and no respect for their parents.
They think their kid is an Indigo Child but I think he's little snot-nosed brat.
by jacaranda May 03, 2007
Brats. Antisocial, spoiled, self indulgent, indulged children of hippy retards.
Billy isn't an indigo child, he's just a freakin brat.
by dixie123 October 05, 2006
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