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Indie kids are witty, intelligent kids that wear vintage clothing and like to differ from the norm. I'm not going to give examples of what they wear, because that pretty much defeats the purpose. They wear what they want, and don't give a shit what you think.

Indies are generally happy people, mainly because their music makes you feel like spinning around in a cirle while a smiling man in a white suit throws confetti at you. Indies are very un-emo due to this, and are constantly waging a war with the over-styled emo masses due to the fact that emos stole Converse.

Their attitudes are fickle, and can be passed off as pretentious or rude if you don't get to know them. The guy or girl that stands out and acts like he's better than you, occasionally throwing out a sarcastic comment or two, will usually just be a shy indie not used to being around the wave of pop-culture-people.
Pop-kid: Look at her, she's such a bitch.
Pop-kid 2.0: I know. What's her problem?
Indie Guy: Lay off, she's just a shy Indie Kid.
by Maddiii August 10, 2006
Children with "Indigo" auras, that usually differ from modern society. They are prone to ADD and ADHD diagnoses, however, blind mothers might claim their ADHD child as an Indigo to avoid the fact that their child is less than perfect and try to excuse him from making trouble.
Oh, my child isn't a bully, he's just an Indigo Child!
by Maddiii August 11, 2006

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