Indiana is in the middle of nowhere. They are conservative and care only about sports. Parts of Indiana are tolerable. It is not a "suburb of Chicago." A suburb of Chicago wouldn't be the whole state since the whole state seems to think Indianapolis is better than Chicago. Northwest Indiana, the region, now that is a suburb of Chicago and also the only normal part of Indiana. Avoid southern Indiana at all costs...
The Colts represent all that is evil in Indiana.
by Wouldn't You Love To Know December 23, 2005
The Asshole of America. Indiana has corn, basketball, rednecks, birthers, shitty weather, CAFO's, corn, bad smells, corrupt county goverments, rude people, hypocritical Jesus freaks, corn, polluted rivers, raptor-killing wind farms, corn, wind, illegal aliens, right-to-work laws, and Elwood.
And corn.
Synonym for "hell" in polite conversation.
Bob: "I'd rather die and go to hell than live in Indiana."
George: "Isn't that redundant?"
by gabe_asher January 31, 2014
A jackass who can't drive if there life depended on it.
Haha he's from Indiana, no explanation needed.
by FiddleStix April 27, 2011
It may be just an average state, but sure as hell is better than those inbred Southern states, especially its neighbor Kentucky. Sure, the people can be ignorant, antiquated and shortsighted, but not as much as the South. Sure, the weather changes often, but not as badly as in Alaska. Okay, so it's a little quaint, but Michiganders to the north come to Indiana to buy cheaper cigarettes, Power Ball lottery tickets and fireworks that are illegal in Michigan. There's no beaches, but at least it has Lake Michigan, which is more than I can say for Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska or Oklahoma. There are no mountains whatsoever but at least it has some scenic hills in Brown County, south of Indianapolis. Sure it has a lot of corn, but its the corn that makes Indiana a major ethanol producer and will bring in billions of $$ when the Middle east refuses to sell us oil in the future. Most importantly, it’s not Kentucky or West Virginia, thank God!!

Indianapolis is it's capital and the 12th largest U.S. city.
Indiana is quaint with a lot of rednecks south of Bloomington, but at least it isnt Kentucky.
by krock1dk November 18, 2007
Prone to make it to playoffs, semi-finals, and/or finals in any sport, but alway fuck it up to the uber-extreme at the last minute and fucking lose some people their car, house, boat, daughter, wife, dog, bed, right eye, left testicle, and last but not least, their sanity...=D
you: hey did you see the colts game?
me:.....*gun to head, trigger pulled*
you: *dead*
peyton manning:Hey that wasn't very...
peyton manning: *dead*
reggie miller:A'ight dude that's en....
reggie miller: *bleeding from the anus*
me: *partially satisfied*
your sister: *deep throat*
me: *satisfied* GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO!
by Jordan1809 May 26, 2005
a place where you go to a tractor pull, blare your tim mcgraw, grow your corn, fuck your cousin, spend the night at the county fair, and chew some tobacco...
Bob: How bout yall come to Indiana and we can all get laid by my cousin

Friends: Hellllls ya!
by countrygirlbabe January 04, 2011
A state that is full of rednecks if you go to the southern parts suck as sullivan county, terre haute, etc... but if you get to the northern part around roselawn, south bend, demotte, etc... its really pretty, and there arent a bunch of rednecks who fuck thier cousins. The further up north you get in indiana, the better looking people get and the less redneck they are
southern indiana makes me want to shoot myself in the head
by xxxxhopehopelessxxxx October 18, 2008

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