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A place where rednecks thrive in the south, but perfectly normal people thrive in the north. All in all, it's pretty boring.

Most Hoosiers are Republicans and Christians. Being an atheist and a Democrat, I stick out like a sore thumb.
I live in Fishers, Indiana--aka: really boring, conservative suburb. But at least the residents in Fishers are better than the snobs that live in Carmel.
by Kayla1993 September 04, 2006
54 56
Indiana can be a name too
Indiana Jones (movie)
by just me July 03, 2003
26 28
small town of about 15000 close to 30000 whenever people go to college. not much to do other than sports and party. yeah a party town other than that there's nothing to do.
Billy: so what do you do in indiana?

Jacob: bitch i party!
by me sofa king we tar dead July 10, 2008
17 20
1. College town about 50 miles NW of Pittsburgh, PA.

2. Often confused with the state.
So Indiana University of Pennsylvania is where?
by bob921 June 27, 2005
39 42
Kentucky's hat.
Indiana: Self-Explanatory.
by Dirton M'Pennis October 02, 2012
4 8
Perfect for close minded racist whites. Hell on earth for everyone else.
Mom: *with disgust* "Oh, so your engaged to a black guy?

Daughter: He has a Ph.D in International Law and he works for the UN, in New York City!

Mom: Yeah, but he's black and this isn't New York its Indiana!!!
by LeTronique April 18, 2011
12 16
A state that is very bland, boring, and dull in most areas. Many people also claim that people from Indiana and other states in the region have no intelligence and are "hicks", lazy, or stupid. This is not always true. There are, however, some nice cities in Indiana that are actually rather interesting, such as Nashville, Indianapolis, Jeffersonville, and if you look hard enough, French Lick. Again, there is a large amount of corn in Indiana. It is a state mostly for living, so you pretty much have to move elsewhere if you're looking for something more.
I live in Indiana and am tired of the many cornfields and stereotypes.
by Snake of Doom August 23, 2009
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