when someone copulates with their own blood relatives. In the states it's relatively sick. It's when some dude bangs their own relative.
Some time in the early 2000s, a mother and a son appeared on The Jerry Springer Show saying they were in love with each other, but in truth they were committing the sick act of incest. They wanted to have a baby together, and the crowd chanted "three headed baby, three headed baby, three headed baby."

The conclusion of that one was that the mother and son are motherfucking freaks. Who'd fuck their own mother? Can you imagine what their fuck child would look like -- *shudder*

It's like when a brother and sister are bumping uglies then the sister gets knocked up. They don't know what the fuck to call their kid (son/nephew or mother/aunt)
by UncleFossil December 26, 2010
Top Definition
The way the British royal family keeps itself German.
It is illegal for any member of the British family to marry anyone who isn't a blood relative. (Thanks to the 'Royal marriage act' of 1716) Even lady diana was a distant cousin.
by black flag July 14, 2004
When somebody has sex with a member of their own family. When in doujinshi or fanfics, when two characters who belong to the same family, do such a forbidden action seen as wrong by many, but consensually because they are in love with each other, it automatically hyperboosts the quality of the doujinshi/fic. In real life, there is a level of controversy regarding incest. People in America can't do it, even in a consensual manner, by law, the British Royal Family has to do it by law, and some places probably don't even give a fuck whether you do it or not, as long as both partners wanted to do it, therefore no one being raped. When a lot of people think incest, they think deformed children and rape. But, birth control + consent of both partners = the right to declare a stereotype that anti-incest laws revolve around, false. Incest = redneck? Not necessarily. Anyone from any walk of life could be practicing incest. If somebody falls in love with a family member, you know sex will most likely be involved, therefore stereotype #2 has been declared false.
If they both are in love with each other, ain't a damn thing wrong with it, is there?
by Hand Hanzo April 18, 2005
Something that makes my penis extremely hard.
Having sex with your hot sister.
by Incest Lover March 25, 2005
To engage in sexual activities with one who is of blood relations.
n|p inserted his penis into his sister's vagina.
by Doug July 23, 2002
Incest is best
My cells are same as your cells,
Your cells are same as mine.
If you don't mind me sayin',
I think your ass is fine.

You've got our Mummy's body
You've got our Daddy's eyes.
But where, oh, where di you get
Those breasts of such great size?

From 'Incest is Best' by Fearcher Maclean
by hermaphrodite June 05, 2004
When an individual has hardcore sexual intercourse with his/her own family member(s).
Adam committed incest with his sister last night.
by Travman November 12, 2002
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