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Something I wish certain people I know were into.
I tried to convince my cousin and sister to commit incest with me. But they said its 'wrong'. They'll change their minds though.
by incestisbest August 31, 2008
Fun for all the family. After all, the family that lays together, stays together.
Incest. Because sometimes narcissistic manipulation of your rugrats just ain't enough.
by Fearman March 25, 2008
Incest is best! It's a game the whole family can play.
Incest....It gives a whole new meaning to "family game night"
by HotokoChan July 17, 2009
What rednecks come to the Jerry Springer show to admit.
Jerry, I came here to tell everyone that I'm in love wit muh momma! I sneak into her bedroom at night and pretend to be my da'!

I came to the show tonight so I can tell my nephew a secret...Mark, I is your father!

These people have commited incest.
by Sedux July 17, 2006
To have sexual relations with a family member.
Jason: Did you know that Bobby and Isabella are brother and sister?
Jackie: No fukin way!
Jason: Yeah they are
Jackie: Thats nasty they fuck like everyday!
Jason: EWWWWW! Thats considered incest!
by posses your heart April 18, 2008
Incest is taboo but extremely aroused. It's easy for people to cum while masturbating with porn but it becomes terribly easy while you think you were fucking your family members (son & mom, dad & daughter, brother & sister). But the best incestous scenario is fuck both your mom and sis.
He fucked his sister in her ass and then put his penis into his mom's mouth. They're such incest family.
by thanh March 10, 2007
When the family gets bored and decides to "experiment around" with one another.
My mommie and daddie are brother and sister so i have 13 toes.
by me December 24, 2003