Incest is best! It's a game the whole family can play.
Incest....It gives a whole new meaning to "family game night"
by HotokoChan July 17, 2009
Something I wish certain people I know were into.
I tried to convince my cousin and sister to commit incest with me. But they said its 'wrong'. They'll change their minds though.
by incestisbest August 31, 2008
What rednecks come to the Jerry Springer show to admit.
Jerry, I came here to tell everyone that I'm in love wit muh momma! I sneak into her bedroom at night and pretend to be my da'!

I came to the show tonight so I can tell my nephew a secret...Mark, I is your father!

These people have commited incest.
by Sedux July 17, 2006
When family members have feelings for eachother. Alot of people think it's wrong, but it's only wrong if they have a child, because it has so much of it's own blood that it will most likely be deformed. Adoption is fine.
An incest story example, these are not real people, only fiction:
It was saturday night, Martin, a 16-year-old boy, and his 15-year-old sister Martha, were left home alone because they'er parents went for a night alone. Martin was sitting in the living room, watching TV, while Matha was in her room. Martin was changing channels, getting bored, so he walked around the house randomly, looking for something to do. He saw a picture of his sister, and looked at it for a moment. He then relized he loved her. So, he went to her room to tell her this. But, he found her sitting on her bed, her legs apart, holding a PlayGirl in one hand, and a finger from her other hand shoved inside her vagina, with cum all over her vagina and legs. She looked away from her cum-covered vagina, and up at her brother, who was standing there staring. She said ".......Brother....... I was...... thinking about you.". With that, her brother quickly got on top of her and started kissing her, rubbing her vagina. He quickly moved his face away from hers, and down to her vagina, licking her clit. She wriggled in pleasure and screamed happily. He then stuck his penis up her vagina. "UH!!! OH, YES!!! FASTER!!!" She screamed. He moved in and out faster. They continued to have sex until her brother screamed "I'm going to cum!" and she came while he came inside her. They then fell asleep until morning.
by Rena_Ryuugu April 29, 2010
To have sexual relations with a family member.
Jason: Did you know that Bobby and Isabella are brother and sister?
Jackie: No fukin way!
Jason: Yeah they are
Jackie: Thats nasty they fuck like everyday!
Jason: EWWWWW! Thats considered incest!
by posses your heart April 18, 2008
Rune of Incest Swarm V
by Cellbby June 22, 2015
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