The beginning of something. The origin, start, source.
by Larstait November 06, 2003
n: the act of fingering a girl while you are grinding with her
Bro 1: Dude, how was your weekend?
Bro 2: It was pretty cool. I performed inception on this girl at the TKE party on Friday. My fingers smelled for days!
Bro 1: No way!
by wheels33 October 30, 2011
(adj.) to be utterly confusing, deep, or unintelligible
Student A: Hey, did you get #7 on the test?
Student B: Pft, no! That shit was straight inception.

When I asked my mechanic why my bill was so high, the crook gave me some inception explanation about radiators and shit. Screw him.
by mooblvr February 16, 2011
Conceiving a child from having anal sex, when semen drips into the vaginal opening.
Sentence; "Christy was dazed and confused when the doctor explained her baby was the bi-product of inception."
by saynotowindows August 16, 2010
A movie of which everything in the world can be compared to a scene or theme.
Pharaoh: Hey hey hey Joseph, you interpreted my dream yet?

Joseph: Yeah Pharaoh, and damn, it's like that scene in "Inception!"
by P. Gordo August 16, 2010
A mediocre, sometimes cringe-inducing ripoff of the Matrix that insufferable morons claim was "masterful," "changed their life" and was "the most complex movie of all time." Typically used as a vehicle to promote said moron's distinct and proficient taste in movies.
A: Dude, did you see Inception?

B: Yeah, it was alright. Lots of plot holes, lame dialogue and corny premises.

A: (head explodes)
by Joeyyyyy Ssssss August 17, 2010

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