mind fuck
Sarah watched inception yesterday and had to be checked into hospital with major hemorrhaging to the brain.
by hellomydearie April 24, 2011
It's...nevermind, you're probably too stupid to understand it.
Roger: Hey man, you see Inception yet?
Butch: Yeah, but I didn't really get it...
Roger: Wow.
by OODAPOWPOW January 09, 2011
To implant a thought in a another person's mind with the aim of having that person commit a predetermined action or behavior.

Inception is similar to the Jedi mind-trick;however, it is subtler and is usually done in several steps.

The target of the inception, as with th Jedi mind-trick, is usually not as smart as the inceptor.
I had to inception Mary to get her to breakup with me. I began the conversation by telling her that she wanted to break up with me...But three weeks before that I asked her why she didn't seem like herself.
by whohitya January 24, 2011
A movie that's also can be called a mindfuck.. Warning wear a mind condom when seeing this movie!
Guy 1: Wow inception was a mindfuck wasn't it?
Guy 2: Yea i forgot to wear my mind condom but i left early so i didn't see the mindfuck parts of it..
by urbanthedictionary January 24, 2011
(in-ˈsep-shən)--adj. anything having to do with the act of altering ones mind-set or thoughts; The process of entering another persons "dream-scape" with the intentions of changing their ideals about something or helping them to remember something.
Before the inception process, the client had an intent to kill the man. Now he only wants to befriend him because he realized it was a misunderstanding.
by UbuntuKurisu December 15, 2010
the definition of inception is
Person 1: What's the definition of "inception"?
Person 2: the definition of inception is
Person 1: lolwut?
Person 2: Exactly.
by Emchen March 13, 2012
1. To confuse the mind in the fashion of fucking. In other words, to mind fuck someone.
Dude, that kid just gave me an inception.
by xPhogx July 08, 2011

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