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-A ginger that acts like a nigger

-A wigger with red hair
guy1: Dude! theres a gigger working at target.

guy2: No way! thats fuckin hilarious!
guy1: i know, he free-style raps while scanning groceries!"
guy2: haha what a clown
by Hardbodychamp28 December 11, 2009
Acronym for: creepy ass man
(can also be used to describe someone who is creepy and whos first/last name begins with the letter "m" such as.... Mike....etc)
Mike: whats up guys???
guy1: shit cams here
guy2: fuck lock the door
guy3: damnit cam get the fuck out of here
mike: why do u guys keep calling me came? let me in
guy3: Cam were busy, u cant come in
by Hardbodychamp28 December 13, 2009
a word describing a white person ( typically a wigger) who has swag

a term to describe a wigger with swagger

it can be used as multiple parts of speech

(often used at the end of a sentence, as a one word declaration.)
guy1: Ahhh!! Forgot my belt again, its gonna be a long day, wiggerswagger.

random gigger: hahaha
by Hardbodychamp28 April 07, 2011
the act of completely fucking someone's mind.

getting inside someones head, and either convincing them of something, or causing them to question the reality of the situation.

after inceptioning someone it is imperative to say inception to the target, letting them know they just got mind fucked


Inception is also a game, with rules

*inception is a game best played lit as fuck, and is won when one person inceptions everyone in the room, regardless. you should always help out someone trying to inception another, by validating their story.
guy1: dude so when you going to order that pizza
guy2(target): what pizza?
guy1: you just said you would order a pizza
guy3: yeah man you did say that
guy2: No i didnt
guy4: yes you did dude
guy1: come on man!
guy2: damn, alright
guy1: inception!

guy3: you just got inceptioned

target: hey you guys want to watch the game?
guy1: what?
target: the championship game?
gu1: what are you talking about, they played that yesterday
target: no its today
guy3: it was yesterday dude, we all watched it
target: :no seriously
guy1: seriously it was yesterday at 9:00
target: what! (looks it up online)
guy1: Inception!
target: damn, you inceptioned me pretty good haha
by Hardbodychamp28 April 07, 2011
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