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A person who is too fat for typical clothing stores, but too thin for plus-size clothing. For women, this is typically between size 14-20, with some exceptions depending on the store.
It's tough being an inbetweenie, I can't shop anywhere.
by mspalm5daughters December 04, 2011
a belly button that is neither sticking in or out of your belly, not an innie or an outie, so it's an inbetweenie
that's a weird lookin bely button, what is it?
it's an inbetweenie
by goldstatueman July 15, 2015
Somebody who is half black, and and half white.
1st guy: hey did you hear that Bob is an in-betweenie?
2nd guy: WHAT!?!?! im soooo going to be half racist to him.
1st guy: aren't you an in-betweenie?
2nd guy: maybe... *cries*
by the king of egypt December 06, 2010
An individual who is not small enough to be considered a dwarf but too short to be considered of normal size or build also.
Lisa saw an inbetweenie at the mall - he looked normal but of slightly shrunken size, not quite a dwarf but almost.
by LisaFM March 22, 2010

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