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Burgers made by God Himself
Let there be in n out!
by andynfi3 April 13, 2008
That's what a hamburger's all about.
"Shit nigga, it's 1 AM... LET'S GO TO IN N OUT!"
by TFE February 20, 2007
really good burgers. made fresh everyday and nothing ever frozen. associates are harder working and friendlier than most fast food places. when eating at in n out, you can expect to be served in a timely, courteous manner.
If you want a burger, forget about McDonald's, go to In N Out.
by Michael in LA January 22, 2006
One of the bizarre new religions in California, masquerading as a burger chain. Their secrets and mysteries include the "Neapolitan Shake" and the "Animal Style Fries"
I need some In-n-Out right now!
by havocker February 20, 2009
A restaurant chain in Cali that sells some simple but good burgers and fries. Similar to whataburger in that they use pretty good ingredients.
The name is kinda cheesy, but in-n-out is pretty good if you ask me.
by Adel7 December 04, 2007
Act of fornication, usually male oriented with an overtone of aggression and violence -- in other words, rape. A street term from A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.
Feeling like a bit of the ole in-n-out, lads?
by Gisstur December 06, 2009
The In-and-Out Burger is on Camrose.
Those are good burgers, Walter.
by Jesus August 05, 2003