Sells burgers that taste like a fried turd on a bun. It has the flavor, consistency, and smell of a turd, so I have concluded that it IN FACT, is a genuine turd nugget that is grilled, and then made into food. Sure, In N Out is known for not microwaving their "meat" but what good is actually cooking the meat, if it's not meat at all, but instead, fecal matter? I think this conspiracy is very wrong, and I hope sometime soon they are uncovered for selling people shitburgers.

Another trait of In N Out restaurants, is that they sell fries that are disgusting. They supposedly make their own fries too, which isn't a good thing. Not only are these fries the most greasiest fries ever created, but they are green, brown, yellow, every color of the rainbow pretty much. Which is NOT a good thing. A positive thing, is that they are crunchy, which is a very good thing for a fry. However, the crunchiness does not cover up the fact that the fries are disgusting and infected with AIDs.
"Hey I'm hungry! Let's eat at In N Out!"
"Uh..If I wanted to eat a shitburger, I'd just shit on a bun and eat it myself. Then I'd shoot myself in the face."
"Oh. Well I guess we could go to Carl's Jr.."
"Yes, let's. Carl's Jr. is much more tasty than In N Out's diseased feces burgers could ever be!"
by madcow4668 July 30, 2007
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Family owned fast food restaurant chain mainly in California. Home of the best burgers, fries, and shakes ever.
In-N-Out! In-N-Out! That's what our hamburgers' all about!
by MoonKnight November 24, 2002
Damn good food, and just that.
(driving in car) In-N-Out Burger! Hell yeah!
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg April 09, 2005
The best fast food in the world, but only found in California, Nevada, and Arizona. In n Out bakes their own bread, cuts fresh lettuce, skins potatoes for fries, and uses meat that is never frozen. The menu is simplistic and has been the same since they opened. In n Out refuses to sell out like all the other fast food chains in the country, thus the quality is unbelievable. The only fast-food joint in the world that makes real food. Also the only fast food worthy of being eaten.
This double double is so good, too bad only people in California, Nevada, and Arizona can enjoy it.
by Cityindesert August 04, 2004
In-N-Out is a privately-owned hamburger fast food chain located in California, Arizona, and Nevada. It's simple menu has remained unchanged since the restaurant's extablishment in 1948. There are also "secret" item specials, variations of the basic menu that are not listed on the menu nor advertised.
In-N-Out's got the best goddamn burgers on the face of the planet.
by INO 4EVR July 25, 2005
A pornstar's favorite resturant
Pornstar 1: I'm tired of eating hot dog on a stick.
Pornstar 2: Alright let's go to In n Out
by e.baek.ems January 07, 2009
not much else to say, except that if you're hungry and want a fuckin good burger, and you live in california, i pity da fool that doesn't go to in n out
dude "welcome to in-n-out can i take your order?"
me: "Hi, can I have the double-double animal style, no onions."
dude: "would you like the combo?"
me: "yea sure, and can you put cheese on the fries and also i'd like the swirl shake instead of the soda"
me: "oh you, gimme some of that fuckin special sauce and some salt packets on the side."
by lipanconjuring July 14, 2006
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