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You would instantly without stalling, Do it. Whether its do a goat or woman or man... In a second can also mean to have sex with a girl without even thinking about it. Like when you see a ugly chick, you think about it "Would I do her?"... But if its "In a second"... No thinking... Just straight up wam wam!
*Bri'ish girls walk past shayne*

Shayne : Holy crap! IN A SECOND!!

*Gay men walk past*

by darkmyst August 29, 2005
When A Guy Sees A Very HOT Girl And Would Have A Sex With Her With No Hesitation.He Wouldn't Need To Think About It Has Within A Second, He's All Over Her
- Also Accompanied By Holding Out A Strong Fist With The Right Hand And Smacking It On The Open Palm Of The Left Hand.
*english girl walks by*
Dmitri:I would so mack that!In a second!
Guy One: Oh true that ese'

*two English girls walk by*
Guy One: Let me guess, mack that in a sec....
*Dmitri all over the two english girls*
by dmitri_lukin_x August 29, 2005

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