An image sharing website whose community consists of mostly hipsters, emos, and socially awkward young adults. They are known for their suicidal tendencies, support of everything gay, and obsession with animals that include but are not limited to: cats, dogs, giraffes and sea stars.
Person1: I stayed up all night browisng Imgur.
Person2: Your life sucks
Person1: I know
by explodingchestnut April 01, 2013
Like Reddit, 4chan and 9gag, it's a website full of idiots and probably isn't worth your time.
Person 1: Did you check out that funny new meme on imgur?

Person 2: Go away.
by cocainepinata April 07, 2015
Pronunciation: ĭ-əmæ-dʒɹ

See: hugbox
Guy 1: "Dude, what is an Imgur?"
Guy 2: "The same head-up-its-own-arse site as Reddit, but at least you get a funny picture with every inane post"
by Prof Zybourne January 07, 2013
Imgur is, by far, the greatest procrastination site on the Internet, where you share and rate images and GIFs. With content uploaded everyday, where you can spend your life mindlessly laughing and reading, it's just the greatest. It is often compared to Reddit, but just solely with images.

Imgur's comment section is usually hilarious, until you get to the comment section that says "Bad comments"

These comments have more down votes than up votes, and are usually hate, spam, ect.
Bro 1: Argh man, this studying is so boring!

Bro 2: Use Imgur!

Bro 1: Ok *click* Wow!

Bro 2: Can I watch with you?

Bro 1: Yep

*Both randomly puke rainbows*
by Dr_Derp October 27, 2013
The unholy virtual gathering of virgins everywhere.
"What level of virgin are you? Level 99? You should go to imgur."
by Jepptastic February 09, 2012
The simple image sharer, where you go to look at pictures and gifs. of kittens and boobs. If you have homework or a test this is the place to go to fail your class. Imgurians Unite!
Never go on to imgur if you have homework, im
Gonna waste my time looking at cats.
Give up on a social life because unlike reddit we're a family so
You better believe it. Hey everybody look
Up you just got rick rolled.
by Robotemotions February 09, 2012
An image sharing website where cats and other adorable animals are the most common subject along with the occasional inspiring/moving/tear-jerking photos that the Imgur community feels are worth sharing. Images are given with select captions and the community then vies for "upvotes" to reach the coveted "Top Caption" status and thus attain the ever-coveted Notoriety rating of Glorious.
1) Imgur: it's better than 9gag

2) A: Where can I find gratuitous amounts of cat images?
B: Imgur, duh.

3)I should be studying for my tests, but I've got time to check Imgur for just a few minutes. (Common misconception as Imgur has proven to be more addictive than Cocaine to the "Internet People" that inhabit its realm.)
by Ajwstevens February 09, 2012

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