A website where you post images. A good idea at first glance, but the community is not good. Every post has to relate to them or they will down-vote you and every post/comment you have written. Its a place where crotchety old hipster art critics who have won at least 20 internet arguments go to bash whatever reddit and 4chan bashed last week. Originally a website to host photos for reddit, it has since developed its own community that is best described as a deer watching humans interact for 15 muinites and trying to copy them. The deer is Imgur and the people are 4chan and reddit. Also, the deer is passive aggressive and socially inept and cant accept that they live with their 2 parents at home. Go at your own risk to the place that is like 9gag, but not exactly facebook.
Person 1: Hey do you go onto imgur?
Person 2: Yeah, i guess it was ok.
Person 1: Yeah as long as you look at the pictures and dont pay much attention to the commu-
Person 2: Is that Elsa fucking the snowman dude?
Person 1: Ignore that, thats posted every other week, anyways, just ignore the community and its fine.
by Cynical Grand King September 14, 2014
An image sharing website whose community consists of mostly hipsters, emos, and socially awkward young adults. They are known for their suicidal tendencies, support of everything gay, and obsession with animals that include but are not limited to: cats, dogs, giraffes and sea stars.
Person1: I stayed up all night browisng Imgur.
Person2: Your life sucks
Person1: I know
by explodingchestnut April 01, 2013
The simple image sharer, where you go to look at pictures and gifs. of kittens and boobs. If you have homework or a test this is the place to go to fail your class. Imgurians Unite!
Never go on to imgur if you have homework, im
Gonna waste my time looking at cats.
Give up on a social life because unlike reddit we're a family so
You better believe it. Hey everybody look
Up you just got rick rolled.
by Robotemotions February 09, 2012
imgur.com (pronounced imager) is a popular photo sharing website closely tied to reddit. It is very convenient to upload and share, in contrast to other services like tinypic and imageshack (which are still easy, just not as convenient). Employs a very similar system to reddit with upvotes and downvotes, and jokingly it has been said that it's changing into "animal planet" with various photos of cute animals like cats. Most reddit picture submissions are uploaded using either imgur or quickmeme. The difference in the two is that one is a general purpose image sharing website, and the other is to quickly overlay text on meme photos. Imgur allows comments as well, but the most upvoted are "as a x" and the singing of lyrics to a corresponding picture.
Robin: Golly gee Batman, I sure do love imgur!
Batman: (mumbles incoherently)
Robin: You are darn right! Imgur is super easy to use for images and it's part of reddit! Everyone should use it!
by PostalRaider February 16, 2012
A website that displays a range of images that contain memes, cats, dogs, stupid people, political statements, and general asshatery. Acts as a haven for middle-aged, single women obsessed with cats and other "cute" animals; wannabe political activists; and is one giant self-perpetuating circle jerk.

Tries to differentiate itself from Reddit, but no one really cares.
Did you see the new images on Imgur? They're all cat reposts from last month!
by fancypants212 February 09, 2012
An image sharing website where cats and other adorable animals are the most common subject along with the occasional inspiring/moving/tear-jerking photos that the Imgur community feels are worth sharing. Images are given with select captions and the community then vies for "upvotes" to reach the coveted "Top Caption" status and thus attain the ever-coveted Notoriety rating of Glorious.
1) Imgur: it's better than 9gag

2) A: Where can I find gratuitous amounts of cat images?
B: Imgur, duh.

3)I should be studying for my tests, but I've got time to check Imgur for just a few minutes. (Common misconception as Imgur has proven to be more addictive than Cocaine to the "Internet People" that inhabit its realm.)
by Ajwstevens February 09, 2012
The unholy virtual gathering of virgins everywhere.
"What level of virgin are you? Level 99? You should go to imgur."
by Jepptastic February 09, 2012

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