The unholy virtual gathering of virgins everywhere.
"What level of virgin are you? Level 99? You should go to imgur."
by Jepptastic February 09, 2012
An image sharing website where cats and other adorable animals are the most common subject along with the occasional inspiring/moving/tear-jerking photos that the Imgur community feels are worth sharing. Images are given with select captions and the community then vies for "upvotes" to reach the coveted "Top Caption" status and thus attain the ever-coveted Notoriety rating of Glorious.
1) Imgur: it's better than 9gag

2) A: Where can I find gratuitous amounts of cat images?
B: Imgur, duh.

3)I should be studying for my tests, but I've got time to check Imgur for just a few minutes. (Common misconception as Imgur has proven to be more addictive than Cocaine to the "Internet People" that inhabit its realm.)
by Ajwstevens February 09, 2012
A website comprised of multiple cat pictures and grammar Nazis.
Boy 1: Dude, did you go on Imgur today?
Boy 2: Why yes, I did. The cats that were *found* were exceptionally cute today.
by PoisonLeaf February 11, 2012
A site that supplies memes, cat pictures, and other photos including text meant to be read in Morgan Freeman's voice.
"Did you see that meme about college seniors on Imgur today?" - Kid A

by anonymouserz February 09, 2012
It's like reddit, If reddit didn't suck so much.
"Imgur is fucking LEGEND-and I hope you're not lactose intolerant, cause the next part is-DARY." -NPH
by slr8692 February 09, 2012
An image hosting website used to share images around the internet. Known for its skeptical, yet loving user base.
I used imgur to share a picture on reddit today!
by MPLSSTP February 09, 2012
Imgur, pronounced "image-er", is an image host and is home to a community with members from around the world.

1. Imgur is a very reliable image host. Anyone, even those without an account, can upload an image. Links never die unless the original uploader deletes the image on their own. Furthermore, uploaders can change the size of their images by adding an s, m, or l in the URL - perfect for embedding possibly oversized images on forums and the like. Images can be shared through a variety of sites like Facebook and Reddit, the latter being the source of most of the gallery images' views.

2. Imgur features a gallery of some of the most viewed images on the internet that is updated daily. Viewers can upvote and downvote images and leave comments (which can also be upvoted/downvoted). The comment with the most upvotes of the day is the "top comment" and is the rough equivalent of frontpaging Reddit.. Because users can get the best images and screencaps from sites like Reddit, 4chan, and Facebook in one place, they don't have to risk going there and then clawing out their own eyeballs after viewing something they cannot unsee.

The Imgur community is a surprisingly close-knit one, with an almost family-like vibe. Imgur also has a love for any kind of "d'awwwww" picutes of animals, including cats, dogs, and lizards, as well as boasting an impressive NSFW section that is kept separate from the other images.
1. Imgur URL suffixes:

W1V9ks.jpg - small/thumbnail size
W1V9km.jpg - medium size
W1V9kl.jpg - large size
W1V9k.jpg - full size

2. Did you hear? John top-commented Imgur!

I'm only 30 points away from "glorious" notoriety on Imgur. Spare an upvote, anyone?
by An Imgur User February 23, 2012

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