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Imgur is, by far, the greatest procrastination site on the Internet, where you share and rate images and GIFs. With content uploaded everyday, where you can spend your life mindlessly laughing and reading, it's just the greatest. It is often compared to Reddit, but just solely with images.

Imgur's comment section is usually hilarious, until you get to the comment section that says "Bad comments"

These comments have more down votes than up votes, and are usually hate, spam, ect.
Bro 1: Argh man, this studying is so boring!

Bro 2: Use Imgur!

Bro 1: Ok *click* Wow!

Bro 2: Can I watch with you?

Bro 1: Yep

*Both randomly puke rainbows*
by Dr_Derp October 27, 2013

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