Top Definition
Now we're seeing eye to eye.
by Curtis September 20, 2003
being on the same level
Are you eye to eye with me you one-eyed, peg-legged, toothless, frech-whore midgit bitch?

by barry white September 21, 2003
Going "Eye To Eye" with someone is the act of two or more people spreading the cheeks of their butts and rubbing their anus' together causing rectal friction.
Yooo Becky, me and my bottom bitch was wondering if you and Tyrone wanted to go "eye to eye"
#eye 2 eye #i 2 i #eye #anus rub #bum doodling #bum touch
by Pedrok December 21, 2009
What gay people do when having anal sex as the assholes meet together
Man me and Bob meet eye to eye last night man.
by Steve1 September 20, 2003
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